Maggy will often be heard on lower-level Belgian classics although not exclusively. He initially started combining riding with Eurosport work in his final season in 2019. Handed another chance to get moving early in the sixth frame. Early chance for the former UK finalist, but he misses tricky red to right middle. After becoming a consultant for high-profile teams like Canyon SRAM and the Danish national track team, Bigham moved to Ineos Grenadiers for 2022. Fellow world champions Dennis Taylor, John Parrott and Ken Doherty are also behind the microphone during the tournament. He helped develop the Endura, NetApp (became Bora-Hansgrohe) and MTN-Qhubeka teams in their early days before becoming a staple on Eurosport and GCN. Don't mind if we do! He gets full reward for it too, Selby missing a long one and leaving him in. Luca into the lead by four points despite Brecel potting only one red. It is quite an emotional performance, tell us a bit about it. For me, Carlton is the perfect commentator for the early shift on long, flat grand tour stages. The thing about a comedy is that it is pretty easy to measure whether people like it or not. is it just me or does anyone else have to mute the commentary on eurosport, seriously they call everything wrong, they think he can pot it, he cant, they think hes Here are the thoughts of Jimmy White and Alan McManus on the talent of rookie Si making his Crucible debut this year. Selby misses to right corner; so does Allen; then Selby gets himself in. WebThe first snooker broadcast listed in the Radio Times dates back to December 1935, when legendary billiards and snooker player Willie Smith provided commentary for regional The BBC is showing coverage of the tournament in the UK, with every match featured either on one of their TV channels, the Red Button, iPlayer or by streaming directly off their website. Former professional John Virgo, who made his name playing the game and as part of the BBC gameshow Big Break, is again on commentary duties. Another eight frames to come in the morning before their third session on Friday evening. Its Mike Smith, he commentated on cycling on He is, though, able to get at balls that would previously have troubled him, his stamina is better, and getting himself healthier reflects a calmer and more mature approach to life. Nowt but a double to right-middle! Red to Selby, in behind the yellow, escape into the pack, fine starter bridging awkwardly, and Selby breaks the pack to finish on nowt. Regularly commentates for Eurosport in recent years. Tut tut. Sean Kelly is almost synonymous with the coverage of major races on Eurosport and GCN. Well, we've somehow survived the annual World Championship marathon until the semi-final stage as we reach day 13 of the annual 17-day potting jamboree in Sheffield. Solid stuff. Another break of 102 to go with the 125 in the second frame and that will be 2-1 to the World Championship debutant. A hand of apology from Luca before he progresses to start mopping up the reds. Joining Hendry is six-time champion Steve Davis, a regular fixture on the BBC's coverage for over 20 years. The evening sessions will be live on Eurosport 1 with highlights aired the next day on Quest before each afternoon session. 'Oh hello!' Then misses an easy red with the rest. The annual championship is currently underway at the Crucible, but former-snooker-player-turned-Eurosport-commentator Neal Foulds reckons hes spotted a Si presented with another chance on a plate in Sheffield. Just goes about his business with little or no thought for the guy in the other seat. 2023 Eurosport, a Warner Bros. Si looks like he is going to score heavily every time he visits the table. CJ was really good. Selby tries steering to left corner, but almost half an hour without a pot, he misses, then Allen thunders into right corner and escapes through a tiny gap between reds. The white is now stuck to a red which is stuck to the side cushion and they're scraping one off t'other, repeatedly. Watching these two duel is such a treat, and right as it looks like Allen's in control of the exchange, he leaves one. On Eurosport, Dave Hendon and Joe Johnson are a good team, with passion for the game uppermost. Both of these blokes feeling their way into the match. BBC Sports daily coverage of the World Championships is being presented from the purpose-built studio at IMG by Seema Jaswal and Jason Mohammad with a commentary/analysis team comprising Steve Davis, Ken Doherty, Stephen Hendry, John Parrott and Dennis Taylor. Rankings Update Osullivan Up To Second, Story Of The 2020 Betfred World Championship. This is high, high-class stuff. Looks utterly at one with the one-table set-up and has that cue ball on a piece on string at the moment. Find up to date These talents don't hold back when the mood takes them. But not for long as Si buries a brilliant long red with no fear. It makes sense when you find out that he was a languages graduate Rob was in fact in his 4th year of Uni at Bangor when I started my 1st year there (also in the languages department). He's not sleeping well and thinks it's excitement and the pressure you put on yourself. Pops in a tricky red to left middle from baulk and he is back at the business end of the table. 97 percent pot success. With the joining up of GCN and Eurosport, hes now regularly seen across all coverage. WebThe beloved Jimmy White and the sports GOAT, Ronnie OSullivan, are both part of the Eurosport snooker commentary rotation, and OSullivan even had his own show with I had written a few scripts years ago when I lived in Birmingham, but I didnt take it too seriously. Stay with us for live updates throughout the opening day of these best-of-33 frame semi-finals. Australian broadcaster SBS unceremoniously let him go at the end of the 2022 racing and so its no surprise to hear him over in Europe given he had such a high reputation. Everyone needs a hobby and being a journalist I really enjoy writing. Si the youngest player to reach a semi-final since Ronnie O'Sullivan managed the feat at the age of 20 in 1996. Mr Paris-Nice won that race 7 years in a row during the 1980s. Just expect these goings on from Si. Usually, in the studio leading The Breakaway pre and post-race segments, she leads and guides the other presenters to discuss the stage or race of the day. This has been an exceptional response from Si. White opens up the reds and that could be a frame-winner. Imperative that he starts to weigh in here, but he is out of position again early in the fourth frame until he comes up with a superb cut on a black. It wasnt disrespectful to snooker, far from it. No retreat as he powers in a yellow before screwing back off two cushions. Has been the player of the season, and might be finding the best balance between attack and defence, having gone too far towards the latter in the last bit. Si Jiahui described as fearless by an animated MC Rob Walker. Momentum of this match changing suddenly. Nor can the Crucible. "So to be in it is unbelievable, from 10-6 behind to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan, playing so well. The match starts at 10:00 on 21 April 2023. One more frame of the session to come. At The fabled one-table set-up is upon us. Brecel playing without a B game out there. Enjoy live streaming of this seasons top sports competitions. Allen struggles through a stun run-through, but a fine recovery means he's in good shape now, and will expect to clinch the frame from here. WebEurosport brings you live match updates including snooker results, interviews, commentary and expert analysis. A lead of 60 points before Si unearths a sound safety. WebEuroSport Joe Johnson From Bradford and best known for winning the 1986 world championship as a qualifier. WebEurosport Snooker commentator David Hendon has worked in the sport for many years, but during his spare time away from the box he has become an acclaimed playwright. Shes a regular member of the Cycling Podcast and has been covering cycling for a long time before joining the Eurosport and GCN team. Ronnie OSullivan beats Judd Trump 18-13 in World Snooker Championship final as it happened! It will be quite interesting for me to see what they do differently.. Watching Selby play like this, after what he's been through, is such a joy. It's Mark in again, he quickly finishes the frame, and that was an incredibly engrossing session (of World Championship snooker). Eurosport Snooker commentator David Hendon has worked in the sport for many years, but during his spare time away from the box he has become an acclaimed playwright. It was funny and had a proper story. Selby is really into his snooker at the moment - it's almost like's eaten a mushroom, or caught a star. World Championship final LIVE: Selby and Brecel battle it out for glory. Selby gets away to right-middle when left the white at the business end, but a misjudgement means end of break and some safety. Can hear more from the former Scottish Open champion here. We will be back at 6:30pm BST with Mark Selby meeting Mark Allen as two of the sport's form men collide for their opening session. Brecel admitting that he did not hit the practice table before he shocked Rocket Ronnie on Wednesday. But I have been feeling well off the table and I am very happy. That is a terrific little shot. A bit for Brecel to digest with one more frame before the mid-session break. She retired from racing after 2018, a season where she finished 3rd in the Womens Tour. Is Ronnie O'Sullivan snooker's GOAT? An agonising 13-12 defeat to Si will continue to haunt the Glaswegian for a few days you suspect. Copyrights 2023 RKG Snooker, All Rights Reserved. Luca reaching a rapid 50, but then hammers a blue into the left centre pocket attempting to carve out an unlikely angle. NEIL ROBERTSON and Ronnie O'Sullivan aimed a jovial dig at TV commentators after Robertson's impressive frame-winning shot. Si suffers a double kiss to leave Luca with easy pot on the penultimate red. The 2022 World Snooker Championship is under way in Sheffield as 32 players compete to see who will be crowned champion on May 2 when the 15-day event comes to a conclusion. Really is getting through that cue ball with real meaning. But he is not on an easy red having split the pack. It doesn't favour either man because this is their first match on the professional circuit. Was brilliant yesterday, and John Higgins is convinced he's going to win a fifth world title and he's certainly the favourite. Into the lead with just three reds left up. Break reaches a rapid 40. Huge visit for Luca. First up in the opening encounter is Luca Brecel, fresh from his 13-10 win over Ronnie O'Sullivan in a quite astonishing quarter-final, against the tournament debutant Si Jiahui, perhaps not so fresh from a 13-12 win over Anthony McGill before midnight on Wednesday evening. Astonishing end to the session. See detailed profiles for Luca Brecel and Mark Williams. How did you find it and have you ever considered writing a play about snooker? Wow. But after one fine recovery pot, he runs out of position, so divests himself of disappointment and plays a good safety. Misses a pink to a baulk bag, but watches as the object ball races back down the table before nestling in the top right hand pocket. A long-time member of the womens peloton, Dani Christmas retired from racing at the end of the 2021 season and moved into the commentary booth. Allen misses a glide to left-middle but it doesn't matter, 78 and a good night's sleep for him, two frames to the good. What was he like to work with? I was not expecting to win, I was expecting to be going home today and to chill out," he said. I wonder if Allen fancies himself in the battle, or would prefer to get out of it as soon as possible. What is Si going to offer up in response? In the clear here for a 3-1 advantage unless something goes drastically wrong. With nothing doing, Carlton Kirby still finds plenty to talk about and discuss, with the dad jokes aplenty too. Allen is hot and gets away with a laser to left corner, working hard to get onto the black, then screwing off a later one into the pack. WebBryon Butler BBC Radio c. 19601968 as reporter; 19681991 as correspondent and commentator; 19911997 as reporter Tim Caple Eurosport 1996present Clarke Carlisle Ach, Allen can't quite stick a plant into left corner. This is great stuff. O'Sullivan could not make a break over 30 in the final seven frames yesterday, but Si has brought some ammunition to this encounter. The unpredictable Belgian roared back from 10-6 down by winning every frame in an inspired final-session performance to and deny him the opportunity of at the Crucible Theatre. So far I can Troubling times for the 'Belgian Bullet'. End of break, but with a good lead in the frame and the table only fair-to-middling. Si seeing all the possibilities so far as he screws back off black to land perfectly on next red. Blue stays out. Tense end to the session. Pops in the pink to left middle before wriggling home a red near top cushion. Brecel back at the table early in this third frame, but only making his way to a 33-0 lead when more seemed likely. It is back to 4-2. So he takes a while deciding what to do, then plays an absolute stinker, hitting the brown full-ball. From on the top rail, Selby strokes a red long into the yellow, and that's the frame. Selby splats a beautiful starter into right corner, but again runs out of position and then finds himself nuzzled into the brown. In goes blue and pink and a huge roar from the crowd. Maybe it's a local data, but it could help for evaluation. Chance for Allen, and he earnt that with that really good safety. The former sprinter has an eye for racing detail and analysis. Commentary comes from David Hendon, Mike Hallett and Philip Studd, with Neal and Jimmy also taking stints behind the mic. All the way Mark J!! Could be a century on the cards. Born in Northern Ireland, Dennis Taylor won two ranking finals including that Allen thunks home the final red, and that's another to him. Allen took more than three minutes devising a safety, it directly earned him a chance, and now he'll be level at worst coming back tomorrow. A former national track champion, Hannah Walker spent years on the road racing as well. A 3-1 lead for the world No. He can't believe it. That's a terrific pot, so smooth and definitive; can he parlay it into a serious contribution? Deep screw back up the table is the order of the day, but Brecel comes up with a punishing long red to regain access. Quite astonishing frame in progress. Just the job for Brecel. David, having worked in snooker for so long, what is it that inspired you to take up playwriting? Fascinating early moments in this match. Brecel on the move then in the eighth frame of the day. A brilliant effort to get the right cannon on those reds. These two are so well-matched, but it's Allen now sitting at the side, watching. Gets there eventually. Is that a turning point in this match? Brilliant black is followed by supreme position on final red. Really centring that cue ball. No Rocket today, but no messing about out there so far. That is utterly remarkable. Magical level of play as he clears them all up for a 125 break. The seven-time world champion, the most successful player in the tournaments history at the Crucible, is again among the pundits describing the action Sheffield. He goes for pink to the green pocket down the table, but misses it and pink rests over the left middle bag. Allen runs out of position a little, but finds a lovely recovery cut-back red, then a nice brown to middle. A magical shot from Si to open up reds on side rail via pink to the left centre. Selby goes into pack off the blue, finds a snick to right corner, and now he's properly away. The Australian had been Seconds later, he absolutely thumps a long red down the rabbit hole. Often paired with Marty McCrossan, youre most likely to hear Dani Christmas covering womens racing. Report Schalke 04 February 15, 2012 6:16 PM GMT With his well received monologue Banana Crabtree Simon set to take to the stage for the second time at next months Catalyst Festival in London, we caught up with Hendon to find out how he got into playwriting. Everyone knows that Rob Hatch is the guy who pronounces each foreign word ultra-correctly and that Carlton Kirby will be the one telling the dad jokes. Eeesh, Selby looks to go into the pack off the blue and misses it altogether. Si misses brown six times attempting to escape from the gas cooker handing 24 points straight back to his opponent. Hes been heard less and less on Eurosport and GCN recently as hes been on the world feed coverage for the Flanders Classics in 2021. This is a good chance for Allen, and the way he's feeling, I'd expect him to have a good hack at it. Decisions, decisions. Meanwhile, 2005 winner Shaun Murphy, eliminated in the first round this year by Stephen Maguire, has joined the team. That's big let-off for Selby who'll have noticed how well Allen is playing, so getting out of this mini-sesh 2-2 would be just fine. Would dearly love some Selby-esque resistance to keep Si in check, but his opponent looks like he is in practice mode out there. Up to Luca to respond. In his racing days, Blythe was a consistent lower-level classics racer and sometime sprinter. Mr Paris-Nice won that race 7 years in a row during the 1980s. I then went to the Edinburgh Fringe to watch some plays and thought to myself that actually a lot of them werent that good. Keep up with todays best players: Judd Trump, Ronnie OSullivan, Kyren Wilson is one of the steeliest players on the World Snooker circuit and he kept his Crucible hopes alive with a determined second session against Stuart Bingham. A stunning red-black combo from Si to get the party started in the second frame. Follow the World Championship Snooker match between Luca Brecel and Mark Williams with Eurosport UK. You can see Banana Crabtree Simon at Theatre503 in Battersea on Thursday 12th July and Saturday 14th July at 8:30pm. I consent that the Eurosport family of companies may provide me with news and marketing information about their products and services. Out of position on a red, but recovers the situation nicely with fine cut to a top pocket as a pink follows before he drops in a red to the green pocket. Dennis Taylor; "Really Willie? Looking very fluid early doors, but Si also sharp at close range. It is already sizzling hot. No long wait for this semi-final to catch fire. Well now. Astonishing. Catch all the upcoming competitions. A little bout of safety here. He has a personality that makes him want to master everything he does. Would expect this to be the first of many judging by the way they've played this week. Eurosport Snooker commentator David Hendon has become an acclaimed playwright. Stranger things have happened. WebHey guys, ive been following snooker for awhile now, but somehow i cant really familiarise myself with a good portion of snooker commentators voices and their styles. Should be first frame in the bag for Belgium. Bit of Mark Selby v Mark Allen? Jaswal, who has also presented snooker coverage on Eurosport and football on BT Sport, is working alongside the pundits in explaining the action taking place in Sheffield until May 2. The counter attack in full flow from Luca as he reaches the colours relatively unscathed with the red along the top cush just dropping. But then he misses to right corner; but then Allen does too! He was initially mixing his GCN duties with the odd spell of commentary but soon changed the balance towards commentary. Si quickly up to 33, but the top spin leaves white in centre of pack of reds. The afternoon matches and both sessions of the final will be simulcast live on Eurosport 1 and Quest. Can't keep losing the white ball at key times. Theyre always paired with an ex-pro to provide the colour commentary, with insights about the racing, learned through their time in the pro ranks. Sean Kelly is a great of the sport of cycling a 9-time monument winner, 4-time Tour de France green jersey winner and winner of the Vuelta a Espana in 1988. Referee Rob Spencer has been busy in this frame replacing the white. It is a very British play. Luca Brecel admitted that he has "not practised for this tournament" after he. Presents Si with the chance to pounce, but he rattles jaws with two reds left up. He learnt the script in no time at all and brought a lot of his own ideas for the character. There are plenty of narratives at play to watch for at the Crucible Theatre as Ronnie O'Sullivan goes for a record-equalling seventh title, with defending champion Mark Selby crashing out in the second round. Luca then sends a red careering into the green pocket. As his profile grew, he began compering cycling events like the 6 Day track racing and is regularly used by Zwift for their online commentary race events too. Stephen Hendry | Lockdown ReflectionsIt can't really be 30 years since the Crucible King won his first world title, can it!? Join us again tomorrow at 12.30pm BST for more of the same! Drops in the brown and lands nicely on red on top cush. Allen gets away to left-middle, and that'll be level again. Si showing Luca what happens when the other bloke starts scoring. A break of 97 from Si this time to go with earlier breaks of 125 and 102. Luca goes for a red to left middle, but leaves Si another long-ranger. She retired from racing in 2018 whilst at WNT and transitioned to a Marketing/PR role for the team. Hes now a regular behind the mic and on the couch during The Breakaway often with some flamboyant shirts. All rights reserved. Also fronting the BBCs coverage is Hazel Irvine, who has been a mainstay of the channels coverage in recent years, although she missed the 2020 tournament due to a family illness. I came at the play from from two different angles: snooker and theatre. What a boost that is. structure and function of flowering plants ppt. A delicate red allows Allen to play for the black, meaning Selby needs two snookers, with the final red out of commission. Not so great news for Scotland's Anthony McGill, who saw his hopes of a second world semi-final appearance in three years evaporate in the Sheffield night. Selby returns to the table seeking three snookers, and I wonder if one reason he does this is every player he plays knows, nothing easy, nothing for free. Si has been missing nothing, but reaches 39 before butchering an easy red using side. See you then. He enjoys hammering down some colours with flourishes and a trick shot, black zooming around the angles and down, and this is the best I've seen him play in a while. Which he will be grateful for. Luca forced to sit and watch the young Chinese potting prodigy show off his considerable wares as another mid-range red disappears. His daughters, Zoe and Elynor are currently emerging talents in womens cycling. Most famous for winning the 2004 edition of Paris Roubaix, Magnus Backstedt had a long pro career. Some stunning movement on the cue ball from Brecel as he finishes off the opening frame in some style. An Olympic, World and European champion on the track, Dani Rowe can now be heard covering womens cycling on Eurosport. Really arcs that cue ball into the cluster and the reds are opened up. Luca hits blue attempting to run back to baulk and leaves Si with another sighter. Sean Kelly is a great of the sport of cycling a 9-time monument winner, 4-time Tour de France green jersey winner and winner of the Vuelta a Espana in 1988. tiktok data engineer interview, michael scripps release date, miriam ferguson quotes,

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